Wathen Road Dental Practice

Payment Options

1.     Full Private Option. We aim to offer the highest standards in both service and materials.  The Private option is amalgam free, using only the most up-to-date composite and porcelain materials to restore the natural beauty of your teeth.


    Routine Examination                       £55

    Hygienist                                            £62

    Fillings (white)       from                  £50     Crowns from                                     £530

    Dentures from                                  £350

    Root Canal Treatment from          £360    

    Implants (including crown)          £2500

(This is a guide price as implants are quoted per individual case, depending on complexity)

2.     Denplan offers a way of budgeting for your dental

    treatment.  The treatment received is exactly the same as in  

    the Full Private Option.  A monthly fee is paid to Denplan

    which covers all the treatment carried out at the surgery.     

    When treatment involves laboratory work, such as crowns or

    dentures, a fee is payable covering the laboratory part.

    Cosmetic work and specialist referrals are not covered.

    To find out more visit;


3. Denplan Essentials

    For a small monthly fee, Denplan Essentials covers you for two                    

    routine check-ups and two hygiene visits per year.  You can also       

    claim 10% off routine dental treatment.

    At present the monthly fee is £18.75 per month.  

    Unlike Denplan Care (above) you do not need to be assessed for

    a category first.  You can even join straight away using the link

    to the right.


4. Oral Health Plan.  

    This is a new dental plan offered by this practice.

    The aim is to provide LOWER COST private     

    dentistry in order to secure and maintain your oral health.     

    We provide silver-amalgam fillings on back teeth and single     

    shade white fillings on front teeth.  Crowns and dentures are     

    provided  to an NHS standard.  This plan is not available     

    with Dr Neil Douglas or Dr Sian Loveless.

Routine Examination      £40

    Scale & Polish                £36

    Fillings (white)              £36 - £162

    Crowns from                  £299

    Dentures from               £260